Welcome to my site!

Off and on for more than 25 years, I have always owned my own business or consulted on the side, even when working a full time J-O-B! I am a creative and passionate woman. I thrive seeing those in my circle of influence get the most out of their relationships, health, career and passions. You are not really living if you are not being who you are meant to be.

My experience includes developing, leading & mentoring individuals or teams who want to break free from living pay check to pay check or who are working more than being with their family and assist them to create their own passive, reoccurring income.

I personally am aligned with promoting an unique Global Patented Technology for the skin. From Eczema to Scars to Wrinkles to Acne, any problem you are experiencing on your skin, this technology helps provide the perfect environment for your body to help itself! Incredible! For more information you may visit my website:  www.mynucerity.biz/sarahroy

On a personal note, I am a mother of 3 grown children, a grandmother to 2 beautiful little people and a wife and life partner to my best friend for more than 26 years. Any experience I have gained in life comes from making lots of mistakes and not being afraid to fail while finding my way. I hope through my blog, you will consider me more of a real-life, openhearted friend than a successful Business Woman. We have so much to learn from each other! What fun we will have.




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